Music Download Links

Here are the links to the music for the May Concert. If you have any questions, please contact the Librarian at


1. Verdi - Prélude from La Traviata


2. Puccini - Preludio Sinfonico


3. Humperdinck - Overture from Hansel and Gretel


4. Bizet - Carmen Suite #2 - Danse Bohème


5. Massenet - Méditation de Thais


6. Massenet - Overture from Hérodiade

**Not ready yet, but it will come this week**


7. Offenbach - Contes d'Hoffman - Intermezzo et Barcarolle


8. Humperdinck - Hansel and Gretel - Abendsegen (Evening Prayer)


9. Verdi - Nabucco - Ben il t'invenni.....


10. Bellini - Norma - Casta Diva


11. Mozart - Don Giovanni - Mi tradi quell'alma ingrata (Scene Xd, Number 21b, Recitatif and Aria)


12. Dvorak - Rusalka - Song of the Moon

The winners of the vocal competition will be singing additional pieces, mainly Arias, and I will get these parts out to you as the pieces become known.


A note about transpositions:

Several of the pieces will require transpositions for the trumpet and / or French horns.  I have not done these yet, but I can if need be. Please let me know if you want me to transpose your parts!


A note about instrumentation:

For every piece, I put the parts roughly in score order. For harp and percussion parts, please scroll down to the bottom.

If you do not see your part, you can safely assume you do not play in that piece.

The Clarinet 1 part for the Puccini was missing from the music I borrowed. I have ordered it and we will have it shortly!